Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Marbleslides Challenge Set 2!

Here is the second set of Marbleslides Challenges hot off the presses!  These are optional weekly challenges that I give to my classes for fun, high scores and prizes.  If you haven't run the first challenge set, it's totally fine, (and maybe even better) to use this challenge set.  There are some differences and some definite improvements from the first activity.

What's new

There are 30 brand new, varied challenges for students to practice and improve their graphing skills.

Some of these challenges are definitely harder than the first, and fewer challenges can be reasonably completed with just linear equations. I have, however, left some helpful equations scattered through the activity so that students can explore them if they so choose (absolute values, parabolas, circles, and more).  I also loosely grouped challenges near those particular equations where they might be most helpful, but students are still encouraged to complete the challenges however they'd like.

Barriers with hidden equations cannot be deleted by students.

Update:  Jennifer updated Jessica's awesome printable posters to go along with this challenge set which you can find here. Make sure to include your own class code on each slide!

Other notes

Before doing these challenges with your classes, I'd  recommend running through at least one of the original Desmos Marbleslides activities with them (Lines, Parabolas, Exponentials, Rationals or Periodics):

I unlock challenges periodically using the teacher pacing mode in the teacher dashboard of the activity. Last year, I found many students liked to work on more than one in a sitting, so this year I'm going to unlock them in larger chunks, and just put one challenge per week on the score board.

If your students need more of a challenge, encourage them to use fewer equations.  Some of these are incredibly difficult using only one.

If you want more info about how I implement this activity check out my post about challenge set 1.

If you want more info on how to run Desmos activities in general, check out