Thursday, October 22, 2009

I cracked myself up today

I was looking through my lesson on slope from last year, and there were a bunch of frames with this skateboarding guy to help show how to think about slope.

So I'm flipping through the frames and I come to one where I was trying to explain how the slope of a vertical line is undefined, which I completely had forgotten about...

I laughed pretty hard.  Chalk up a positive for having a terrible memory.

(Now with 100% less titlefail!)


  1. The poor guy's been hanging on there for a year now. How about throwing him a (horizontal) line?!

  2. He kind of reminds me of "Slope Dude". If you've never seen the Slope Dude video, let me explain: Slope Dude just loves to ski.
    As he makes his way uphill, he's puffing and panting, and it's a lot of hard work, so all the way uphill he keeps saying "Puff Puff Positive", until he finally reaches the top.
    He starts sliding downhill, and he’s having a lot of fun. As he slides downhill, he says, "Niiiice Negative."
    Then he comes to the boring part of the slope, which is just flat land. "This is zero fun," he says.
    But Slope Dude isn't looking where he's going, so he falls off a cliff and yells out the worst swear word in the history of math: "UNDEFINED!!!"
    This little guy is in a similar situation, except he’s skateboarding instead of skiing. :)