Monday, May 9, 2011

f(u) Calculus Song!

In case you haven't seen it, I made a song parody about some of the basic derivatives rules in Calculus to the tune of Ceelo's "Forget you."   Enjoy!

updated with lyrics:

I see you derivin' in class during calc-u-lus
And you've got f(u)
Which you want to find the derivative of,
it's just f '(u) and a du too,
it's just the chain rule,
a great cal-cu-lus tool
and you use it when...(you use it when)
When there's an inside and an outside that you can write as,
(ooo ooo ooo)

Another derivative tool,
is the product rule.
And I know you can get it done
The slope of the product
of functions 1 and 2
is 1d2 plus 2d1.
I pity the foo-ooo-oool
who forgets the product rule
(oh, that's how you get it done)
(it's just 1d2 plus 2d1)
There's just one more rule
Wait... what was the chain rule again?


For quotient, quotient, quotient you don't have to, have to pull out your hair,
(your hair, your hair, your hair)
Cause it's just low di high minus hi di low all over low squared
(Low squared, low squared, low squared)
To find dy dx dy dx dy dx baaa-aaa-aaaby,
But what about, that dang chain rule?



  1. Awesome. Going to share it with my colleagues who teach this stuff. Wonder what something like this made by the students would look like?

  2. I was just thinking the same thing, Mathematical American Idol? (except better than the original)

  3. This is awesome! I'm definitely going to show it to the other math ed. majors at my college!

  4. Hi, Mr. Sweeney,

    Just hilarious. I just shared it on Facebook. Thank you for the chuckle.

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    Thanks in advance for your help,


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